Szemerényi 1981

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Oswald Szemerényi, "Etyma Latina III (19–23). Latin uindex, uindicit, uindicta, prouincia, Greek (w)anaks, and West European Veneti from the point of view of semasiology", in: Horst Geckeler, Brigitte Schlieben-Lange, Jürgen Trabant, Harald Weydt (eds), Logos semantikos. Studia linguistica in honorem Eugenio Coseriu 1921–1981, Berlin – New York: De Gruyter 1981, III 303–323.

Author/Editor: Oswald Szemerényi
Type: linguistic study
Language: English
In: Geckeler et al. 1981
Used for: u̯en-