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Type: lexical
Meaning: 'height, mountain, fortress'
Language: Celtic
Phonemic analysis: /brig/-
From PIE: *bʰr̥ǵʰ- 'height, mountain'
From Proto-Celtic: *brig- 'height, mountain, fortress'
Attestation: priś


Attested in Celtic are the root noun PIE *bʰr̥ǵʰ-s > PC *brigs in OIr. brí 'hill' and the derivation PIE *bʰr̥ǵʰ-ah₂- > PC *brigā in MW, MBret., MCo. bre 'hill' (NIL: 30, DLG: 87, Matasović 2009 s.v. *brig-, LEIA: B-87, Delamarre 2019: 152 f.). Both forms appear as first and especially second element in numerous Continental Celtic toponyms, e.g. brigaecium, αρτοβρίγα, eburobriga, aliobrix, castellum auiliobris (Hamp 1991, De Hoz 1994: 352 f., DLG: 87, Falileyev 2009: 4, Falileyev 2010: 11 f., 80 f.). See priś on the question of an s-stem in names in brix-. Also amply attested is the participle in -n̥t-: PC *brigantī (OIr. brigid, OBrit. theonym and Gaul. PN brigantia), *brigantīnos > MW brenhin 'king', and numerous Continental Celtic toponyms, hydronyms and ethnonyms in brigant- 'elevated' (DLG: 87 f., Falileyev 2010: 12, 80), as well as some other derivations (see NIL: 31). For some isolated forms in brig-, in which the length of the root vowel cannot be determined (e.g. brigindoni, GPN: 314–316, but also Schrijver 1995: 87), no decision can be made between this morpheme and brīg- 'worth'.

Corinna Salomon


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