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Type: lexical
Meaning: 'young'
Language: Celtic
Phonemic analysis: /oink/-
From PIE: *h₂i̯uh₃n̥k̑o- 'young'
Attestation: iouiku


Lexically in OIr. óac, W ieuanc, OCorn. iouenk, Bret. yaouank, all 'young'; see LEIA: O-3, DLG: 191 f., Matasović 2009: 436 f. From PIE *h₂i̯uh₃n̥k̑o- 'young' from the root *h₂ei̯-u- 'life(time)'; see NIL: 277–287 and esp. n. 285, n. 33 on the Celtic forms, Zair 2012: 176 f. Well attested as an onomastic element in Gaulish, e.g. iouincatus, iouincillus, iouincissius, RIIG VAU-05-32 (RIG G-556) [ι]οουιγκ̣ο̣ρ̣ειξ, also without ⟨u⟩ ioincus, ioincorix, ioincionius, see KGP: 227, Delamarre 2007: 111 f. On consistent [i] instead of [a] in the Gaulish forms see McCone 1996: 50, Stüber 2005: 76 and Stifter 2011: n. 3, who proposes for i̯ou̯ink- a preform PC *i̯uu̯enko- with the full grade in the suffix introduced from a related paradigm (cf. also Delamarre DLG: 191 f.).

Corinna Salomon


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