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Type: lexical
Meaning: 'hard'
Language: Celtic
Phonemic analysis: /kal/-
From Proto-Celtic: *kal- 'hard'
Attestation: caledonos, ritukalos


A Celtic base kal- 'hard' is continued in OIr. calad, MW, MBret. caled, Co. cales 'hard', as well as in a handful of Continental Celtic names (LEIA: C-25 f.). PC *kaleto- 'hard' in the Insular Celtic forms has been derived from PIE *k̑elH- 'be cold, freeze' (*k̑l̥H-eto- 'frozen, hard', Joseph 1982: 40, Schrijver 1995: 86, Falileyev 2010: 12) or a PIE root *keh₂l-, which facilitates the connection with Lat. callum 'hardened skin', etc. (*kh₂l-eto-, De Vaan 2008 s.v. callum), see also De Bernardo Stempel 1987: 64, n. 144, DLG: 98 s.v. calet-, Matasović 2009 s.v. *kaleto-, Zair 2012: 196, and Meid 2005: 189, who compares Germ. *haleþ 'hero'. The same formation probably underlies the Gaulish ethnonym caletes, caleti 'the hard ones', though caletes is a t-stem and the relationship between the forms is not quite clear (Lambert 1994: 34, DLG: 98 s.v. calet-, Falileyev 2010: 87, pace Zimmer 2006: 165 with n. 7). Cf. also the Gaulish personal names caletius/-a, caletinus, caleticcus, caletiu (Lochner von Hüttenbach 1989: 43), RIG M-91, M-92 καλετεδου (Lambert 1994: 180), calitix (Meid 2005: 189), the epithet of Mercury uassocaleti (dat.), and the British ethnonym ancalites (DLG: 98 s.v. calet-, Delamarre 2007: 214). A different formation – and possibly also a different root *k̑el- 'warming', which is not lexically attested in Celtic? – is found in the personal name kaledu and the ethnonym kaledones. Either unsuffixed root may also be present in some of the Gaulish personal names with an element calo- (LEIA: C-26, KGP: 160), though it is not lexically attested in Celtic.

David Stifter, Corinna Salomon


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