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Type: lexical
Meaning: 'prince'
Language: Celtic
Phonemic analysis: /rēm/-
From PIE: *prei̯-mo-
Attestation: remu


Attested in Gaulish onomastics (personal names RIIG EUR-01-01 (RIG L-16) remi (gen.), RIG M-56 remos, M-232 remo, CIL XII 2416 remullae (dat.), remus, remicus, remmia, the ethnonym remi and associated toponym Reims, see AcS II: 1116–1127, GPN: 373 f., DLG: 257, Delamarre 2007: 152, 229); possibly as a loan in Raetic remi (see TIR). From PIE *pre(h₂)- 'before'; cf. from the same root W rhwyf 'ruler' (see Dunkel 2014: 643, and GPN: 373 f. for literature and discussion).

Corinna Salomon


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