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Below, you can find a comprehensive collection of all coin types with legends with relevance for the study of Cisalpine Celtic.
At the moment, there are 22 coin types included in Lexicon Leponticum.
See Numismatics for further information.
The coin types are also included in the list of objects.
The coin legends are also included in the list of inscriptions.

Full list of coin types contained in Lexicon Leponticum

SiglumCoin TypeMaterialWeightLegendLanguageArchaeological CultureDate
NM·1Lejeune A1silver12.72 g0.0127 kg <br />0.028 lb <br />ues·unknownunknown
NM·2Arslan III)
drachma (Pautasso 11
Lejeune A2
silver3.53 g0.00353 kg <br />0.00778 lb <br />anarekartoṣCelticunknown4th–3rd century BC
NM·3Lejeune A3
silver10.23 g0.0102 kg <br />0.0226 lb <br />ko / ·e·krunknownunknown
Lejeune A4
Pautasso 10
Arslan XIII
silver2.2 g0.0022 kg <br />0.00485 lb <br />pirakosCelticunknown130-110 BC
Lejeune A5
Pautasso 12
Arslan XV
silver2 g0.002 kg <br />0.00441 lb <br />rikoiCelticunknownsince 80 BC
NM·6.1drachma (Lejeune A6
Arslan IV)
silver3.63 g0.00363 kg <br />0.008 lb <br />seχeθuCelticGolasecca III Afirst half of 4th century BC
NM·6.2didrachm (Lejeune A6
Arslan IV)
silver7.4 g0.0074 kg <br />0.0163 lb <br />ṣẹχ̣ẹθ̣ụCelticGolasecca III Afirst half of 4th century BC
Lejeune A7
Pautasso 9 A-C
Arslan XI-XII
silver2.25 g0.00225 kg <br />0.00496 lb <br />toutiopouosCelticunknownlast decades of 2nd - first quarter of 1st century BC
Arslan XIV
bronze1.75 g0.00175 kg <br />0.00386 lb <br />natorisunknownunknown130-110 BC
NM·9stater (Lejeune B1
Pautasso "Salassi" b)
gold6.943 g0.00694 kg <br />0.0153 lb <br />anatikouCelticunknown2nd c. BC
NM·10.1Lejeune B2
Pautasso "Salassi" c
NM·10.2Lejeune B2
Pautasso "Salassi" c
NM·11stater (Lejeune B3
Pautasso "Salassi" d)
gold6.68 g0.00668 kg <br />0.0147 lb <br />kasiloiCelticunknown2nd c. BC
NM·12Lejeune B4
Pautasso "Salassi" e
gold6.85 g0.00685 kg <br />0.0151 lb <br />katunknownunknown
NM·13stater (Lejeune B5
Pautasso "Salassi" f)
gold6.76 g0.00676 kg <br />0.0149 lb <br />prikouCelticunknown2nd c. BC
Lejeune B6
Pautasso "Salassi" g
NM·15Lejeune C1silver2.5 g0.0025 kg <br />0.00551 lb <br />·a·lkouesiCelticunknownlate 3rd–early 2nd c. BC
NM·16Lejeune C2silver2.3 g0.0023 kg <br />0.00507 lb <br />iazusCelticunknownfirst half of 2nd c. BC
Lejeune C2
silver2.42 g0.00242 kg <br />0.00534 lb <br />kasiosunknownunknown
NM·18Pautasso 35silver0.75 g7.5e-4 kg <br />0.00165 lb <br />cnreiuunknownunknown
NM·19semisbronze18.4 g0.0184 kg <br />0.0406 lb <br />areuiz?e? / ???unknownRoman republican period217-197 BC