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Alternative Names: Germ. Siebenäsch, Raetorom. Giubiastg

Postal Code: CH-6512
Community: Bellinzona
Canton: Ticino
Country: Switzerland
Coordinates: 46° 10' 21.43" N, 9° 0' 40.19" E
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Field names: Giubiasco necropolis
Objects: TI·2 Giubiasco (cup), TI·3 Giubiasco (cup), TI·4 Giubiasco (plate), TI·5 Giubiasco (plate), TI·6 Giubiasco (bowl), TI·7 Giubiasco (pot), TI·8 Giubiasco (cup), TI·9 Giubiasco (bowl), TI·10 Giubiasco (pitcher), TI·11 Giubiasco (pot), TI·12 Giubiasco (bottle), TI·13 Giubiasco (bottle), TI·14 Giubiasco (bottle), TI·15 Giubiasco (bowl), TI·16 Giubiasco (bowl), TI·17 Giubiasco (bracelet), TI·18 Giubiasco (flagon), TI·19 Giubiasco (helmet), TI·20 Giubiasco (cup), TI·46 Giubiasco (plate), TI·47 Giubiasco (bottle), TI·48 Giubiasco (pot), TI·49 Giubiasco (bowl), TI·50 Giubiasco (bowl), TI·51 Giubiasco (bowl), TI·52 Giubiasco (bowl), TI·53 Giubiasco (pot)


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Giubiasco, originally an independent community which was incorporated into the canton capital Bellinzona in 2017, is the site of the Giubiasco necropolis.