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Attestation: VA·8 (anisa) (1)
Language: prob. Celtic
Word Type: proper noun
Semantic Field: personal name

Grammatical Categories: nom. sg. fem.
Stem Class: ā

Morphemic Analysis: an-iss-ā (?)
Phonemic Analysis: /an(n)issā/
Meaning: 'Anisa'


The form can be analysed as a feminine personal name. No direct comparanda are available from Transalpine Gaulish; if the name is Celtic, it could contain the hypocoristic suffix -iss-. A base an(n)- is found in Celtic names; see the morpheme page for the unclear meaning and etymology of this element. All in all, the name is likely Celtic, but the analysis is unclear in detail.

David Stifter, Corinna Salomon