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Attestation: BI·4 (esonius:urenti/akitu:esonius/ueriounos) (1)
Language: Celtic
adapted to: Latin
Word Type: proper noun
Semantic Field: personal name

Grammatical Categories: nom. sg. masc.
Stem Class: i̯o

Morphemic Analysis: eχs-obn-i̯-us
Phonemic Analysis: /essōnus/ or /essonnus/
Meaning: 'Esonius'


Individual name in the nominative with Latinised ending. The base may be analysed as *eχsobn- 'fearless', cf. esopnos (see there for further comparanda), esopnio, exobna. The assimilation of [χs] > [ss] is also reflected in the two alphabetically Lepontic attestations cited. The labial in obn- may be assimilated via -ou̯n- (cf. exounomara, Delamarre 2007: X) > -ōn-, or via -omn- > -onn-. Solinas in Cresci Marrone & Solinas 2011: 104, n. 13 and 22 compares instances of *eχsobn-, but in Cresci Marrone & Solinas 2013: 47 she points out that there are no other attestations of the name with completely assimilated labial, and prefers to compare esoniana [tegula] in a pottery stamp from the area of Padova (1st c. AD) – which, however, in absence of an Italic etymology, may well also belong with the *eχsobn-names.

See the inscription page on the possibility of a homographic patronym eχs-obn-ii̯-us formed from the individual name.

Corinna Salomon


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