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Attestation: VA·4.2 (viχu) (1)
Status: uncertain
Language: Lepontic
Word Type: proper noun
Semantic Field: personal name

Grammatical Categories: nom. sg. masc.
Stem Class: on

Morphemic Analysis: u̯ik-ū
Phonemic Analysis: /ikū/
Meaning: 'Viχu'


Reading uncertain, see the inscription page.

If correct, the sequence can be interpreted as a hypocoristic on-stem personal name u̯ikū from the base u̯ik- 'fight' (Morandi 2001: 10, 2004: 573 f. (no. 78), 2004b: 83, Morandi 2017: 369). Cf. viku.

David Stifter, Corinna Salomon