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Attestation: TI·24 (śium) (1)
Language: perhaps Celtic
Word Type: prob. proper noun
Semantic Field: prob. personal name

Grammatical Categories: indeterminable

Morphemic Analysis: dēu̯-m° or dī-um° (?)
Phonemic Analysis: /dīm/ or /dim/ (?)
Meaning: abbreviation (?)


Most likely an abbreviated personal name, though no immediate Old Celtic comparanda are available. Stifter 2010: 372 tentatively suggests a first element diu̯o- (Stifter 2024b: ? *diu̯- 'day, sky, divine', e.g. +diumaros uel sim., but usually dio-, see dēu̯-) or dī- 'from' (with unidentifiable second element).

Corinna Salomon