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Type: derivational
Function: hypocoristic (?)
Language: Celtic
Phonemic analysis: -/uk/-
From PIE: *-u-k(o)-
From Proto-Celtic: *-uk-
Attestation: )otukios, minuku


Adjectival k-suffix, indicating appurtenance; -uk- through recutting (cf. -ik- and -āk-). See Russell 1990: 8–12 for the IE evidence, and p. 84 f. on W -ug. The suffix variant with /u/ is the best attested in Continental Celtic personal names (Stüber 2005: 72), e.g. RIIG VAU-05-03 (RIG G-119) μισσο|υκος, L-55 senaucos, L-82c bitukos, L-98 ulatucia, banuca, biatuccus, bollucus, botuca, camulatucus, catucus, ciruca, genucius, lastuca, matuco, momucus, nitiouca, rituca, samucus, senucus, satucus, smertuccus, suaducia, sunucus, tatuca, tituco, uerucus, uiducus, uisucius. The vowel length cannot be determined, but occasional spelling with ⟨cc⟩ in Latin inscriptions indicates short u.

Corinna Salomon