Anreiter et al. 2000

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Peter Anreiter, Ulrike Roider, Marialuise Haslinger, "The Names of the Eastern Alpine Region mentioned in Ptolemy", in: David N. Parsons, Patrick Sims-Williams (eds), Ptolemy. Towards a linguistic atlas of the earliest Celtic place-names of Europe. Papers from a workshop, sponsored by the British Academy, in the Department of Welsh, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, 11–12 April 1999, Aberystwyth: CMCS 2000, 113–142.

Author/Editor: Peter Anreiter, Ulrike Roider, Marialuise Haslinger
Type: linguistic study
Language: English
In: Parsons & Sims-Williams 2000
Used for: kai̯-