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Type: lexical
Meaning: unknown
Language: unknown
Phonemic analysis: unknown
Attestation: kai, kaialoiso, kaio


Attested twice, maybe thrice in the Cisalpine Celtic corpus as base of personal names; linguistic ascription and etymology uncertain. Possible comparanda include Lat. caius (/gai̯us/, but spelled with kappa in the Lepontic alphabet), Etr. *kaie (Gambari & Colonna 1986: 136, fn. 76) and maybe Raet. kaial (see kaialoiso). An element kai- also occurs in Gaulish toponyms (e.g. caiocum > Cayeux-sur-Mer) and personal names (e.g. caiunus), derived from PC *kagi̯o- < *kagʰi̯o- 'enclosure' with Late Gaulish loss of intervocalic /g/ (DLG: 97); lexically attested in Gaul. cagiíon (L-86) and caio, glossed breialo sive bigardio 'field or enclosure' (Endlicher's Glossary), also Fr. quai 'quay' via Gallo-Latin (FEW s.v. caio), and Insular Celtic (MW kae 'hedge, enclosure' etc.) – cognates in Italic and Germanic; see Matasović 2009: 184, IEW: 518, GPN: 400, Lambert 1994: 204, Schrijver 1995: 306, Anreiter et al. 2000: 117, n. 16, Sims-Williams 2003: 85, Villar & Prósper 2005: 254–259, Delamarre 2007: 214.

David Stifter, Michela Vignoli, Corinna Salomon


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