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Reading in transliteration: ụitili
Reading in original script: U dI dT dI dL dI d

Object: BG·34 Verdello (cup)
Position: bottom, outside
Direction of writing: dextroverse
Script: North Italic script (Lepontic alphabet)
Letter height: 1.2–2.4 cm0.472 in <br />0.945 in <br />
Number of letters: 6
Number of words: 1
Number of lines: 1
Workmanship: scratched
Condition: complete, damaged

Archaeological culture: La Tène D, La Tène D 2 [from object]
Date of inscription: second half of 1st century BC [from object]

Type: unknown
Language: Celtic
Meaning: 'of Uitil(i)os'

Alternative sigla: Morandi 2004: 291

Sources: Morandi 2004: 713 f. no. 291



First published in Morandi 2003: 128 f., no. 7.

Images in Morandi 2003: 128, fig. 8 (photo, mirrored!) and 129 (drawing), Morandi 2004: 713, fig. 36 (photo) and 714 (drawing).

Applied on the bottom close to the foot. According to Morandi 2003, the hastae of upsilon seem not to meet at the base (but it is hard to tell because of the rim of the foot). Masculine personal name in the genitive, conceivably either that of the cup's owner, and/or maybe that of the deceased in whose grave the cup was found (benefactive genitive) (cf. Morandi 2003, also 2007: 300, no. 30).

Corinna Salomon