Colle Mazéit

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Field name
Site: Verzegnis [from first object]
Coordinates: 46° 23' 39.07" N, 12° 58' 58.21" E [from first object]
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The Colle Mazéit is situated on the right (south) bank of the Tagliamento immediately before the river's confluence with the But, where an important Alpine route (later the Via Iulia Augusta) turned north from the Tagliamento valley. Excavation campaigns since 1989 have revealed a settlement which was occupied between the mid-4th millennium BC and the 4th c. AD south of the destroyed Late Antiquity tower on the summit of the hill. Evidence from different areas within the stone wall which encompasses the settlement document active occupation in numerous phases throughout the whole time of its existence, including a Celtic period. See Vannacci Lunazzi 2008 and Vannacci Lunazzi 2013 for overviews. Vannacci Lunazzi 2001: 153 proposes the presence of an Iron Age sanctuary on the summit based on two inscribed objects, one of them a votive tablet (Crevatin 1995: 71 f., Crevatin 2001: 116 f.), the other UD·1 Verzegnis (both found outside of regular excavations and only documented with photos and/or drawings).

Corinna Salomon