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Michel Lejeune, "Textes gallo-étrusques. Textes gallo-latins sur pierre", in: Paul-Marie Duval, Recueil des inscriptions gauloises, Paris: Éditions du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique 1988. (4 volumes), Vol. 2, 1.

Author/Editor: Michel Lejeune
Type: epigraphic study
Language: French
Link to Author: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_Lejeune_%28linguiste%29
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The second volume of the work is divided in two fascicles: the first one (the only one, which has really been published) presents the Gaulish-Etruscan (E + n.) and Gaulish-Latin inscriptions (L + n.).
The defined Gaulish-Etruscan texts are those traditionally identified as "Gaulish from Italy".
An introductive section explains the historical perspective and the general properties of the Lugano alphabet and its use by the Gauls.
The author gives an edition with photographies, drawings and biographic references of
1) the Inscription of San Bernardino of Briona (NO·21.1, NO·21.2);
2) the bilingual inscription of Vercelli (VC·1.1, VC·1.2);
3)the graffito on a fragment of a ritual vessel from Gropello Cairoli (Pavia)(PV·4);
4) the graffito on a bottle (Vaso a trottola) from Garlasco (Pavia) (PV·2);
5) the bilingual inscription of Todi (PG·1.4, PG·1.2)
6) the lost graffito probably from Western Lombardy, with the text setupk (MI·6).