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Reading in transliteration: eripoχios
Reading in original script: S dO3 sI sΨ4 sO3 sP sI sR sE s

Object: PV·4 Gropello Cairoli (bowl)
Position: foot, outside
Direction of writing: sinistroverse
Script: North Italic script
Letter height: 0.5–2.5 cm0.197 in <br />0.984 in <br />
Number of letters: 9
Number of words: 1
Number of lines: 1
Workmanship: scratched after firing
Condition: complete

Archaeological culture: unknown [from object]
Date of inscription: (end of) 2nd century BC [from object]

Type: prob. mark of possessor
Language: Cisalpine Gaulish
Syntactic analysis: NP
Meaning: "Eripoχios" (name)

Alternative sigla: Tibiletti Bruno 1981: 31
RIG: E-3
Solinas 1995: 112
Morandi 2004: 104

Sources: Morandi 2004: 592 & 593 (fig. 15.104)
Morandi 1999: 185-187
Solinas 1995: 368
Tibiletti Bruno 1965b: 559-573
Tibiletti Bruno 1981: 186-187



Shape of the characters is singular, with tendence to cursive (Morandi 1999: 185-186, he also remarks, that after the photography it seems to be written into the still moist clay, although Tibiletti Bruno 1978 (?) speaks of scratched after burning). Tibiletti Bruno notes that the reading ericofios in the Catalogo Museo Da Vinci 1959 (p. 21) is "naturally erroneous" (Tibiletti Bruno 1981: 187). For discussion about the shape of the characters see Tibiletti Bruno 1965b: 562-564, fn. 14, fn. 15, fn. 16 (especially regarding the χ).


Catalogo Museo Da Vinci 1959 Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnica "Leonardo da Vinci", Mostra Storica delle Arti Grafiche, Milano: Museo Nazionale "Leonardo da Vinci" 1959. (catalogo)