MI·11 Milano

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Classification: spindle whorl

Material: pottery
Size: height 2 cm, max. diam. 2.8 cm
Condition: lost

Archaeological culture: unknown
Date: unknown

Site: Milano (Milano, Lombardia, Italy)
Coordinates (approx.): 45° 27' 50.40" N, 9° 11' 16.80" E [from site]
Find date: before 1888
Find circumstances: unknown
Current location: unknown

Inscription: MI·11 (ratmon)

Alternative sigla: Solinas 1995: 103 b
Morandi 2004: 141

Sources: Morandi 2004: 617 no. 141



Images in Pauli 1888: Taf. XI, fig. 2 (drawings).

Conical spindle whorl made of ligh brown clay with a radial stripe patters on the flat side; weight: 10 g. The object was part of the Forrer Collection in Strassbourg when Pauli published it in 1888; its current whereabouts are unknown. Pauli (p. 44) reports that the object (together with MI·12 Milano) was found in or near Milano; nothing was known to him about the exact find place and circumstance, but they came to Forrer threaded on a piece of string with further spindle whorls. Pauli assumes that they were part of a necklace from a burial. See also Molinari 1974: 68.

Corinna Salomon