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Reading in transliteration: tuit
Reading in original script: T sI sU sT s

Object: MI·21 Milano (bowl)
Position: bottom, outside
Direction of writing: ambiguous
Script: unknown
Letter height: 3–3.9 cm1.181 in <br />1.535 in <br />
Number of letters: 4
Number of words: 1
Number of lines: 1
Workmanship: scratched after firing
Condition: complete

Archaeological culture: La Tène B 2 [from object]
Date of inscription: first half of 3rd c. BC [from object]

Type: unknown
Language: unknown
Meaning: unknown

Alternative sigla: none

Sources: Casini & Motta 2011: 461–464



First published in Casini & Motta 2011: 461–464, no. 3. Examined for LexLep on 26th April 2022.

Images in Casini & Motta 2011: 462, fig. 2 (drawing = Casini & Tizzoni 2015: 105, fig. 30.2 and photo).

Inscribed at a slight angle on the bottom of the bowl (length 6 cm; St. Andrew's cross 1 cm from the breaking edge). The reading tuit, given by Casini & Motta, is the most likely based on the execution of the scratches, but by no means certain: the writing direction is ambiguous (tiut?), the lines of putative upsilon do not touch (tiiit?), and the forms are quite basic – a non-script mark or pseudo-script cannot be excluded, also with regard to the difficulty of linguistic interpretation (see the word page). Casini & Motta 2011: 464 suggest that the sequence tuit is misspelled, viz. that iota and the second St. Andrew's cross are switched, and the form is an abbreviation of a name in tutio(, but this is more than the evidence can carry.

Corinna Salomon


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