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Reading in transliteration: ateuloipitus
Reading in original script: A dT dE dU dL dO2 dI dP dI dT dU dS2 d

Object: VA·7 Somma Lombardo (bowl)
Position: bottom, outside
Direction of writing: dextroverse
Script: North Italic script (Lepontic alphabet)
Number of letters: 12
Number of words: 1
Number of lines: 1
Workmanship: scratched
Condition: complete

Archaeological culture: La Tène D [from object]
Date of inscription: mid-2nd–1st c. BC [from object]

Type: unknown
Language: Celtic
Meaning: 'Ateuloipitus'

Alternative sigla: Morandi 2004: 107

Sources: Morandi 2004: 596 f. no. 107



First published in Simone 1986: 102 sub f.

Images in Simone 1986: 103, tav. 1 f (drawing), Morandi 2001: 11, no. 2 (drawing = [traced] Morandi 2004: 603, fig. 16.107), Morandi 2010: 51, fig. 2b (photo).

Applied close to the foot; the reading is unproblematic. Sigma is executed as a rather flat zig-zag of four lines of unequal length; see S and cf. a similar form in VA·8 from the same grave. The sequence can be interpreted as a Celtic compound personal name (see the word page). Also from the same grave VA·9.

Also mentioned in Solinas 1995: 385, Morandi 2001: 11, no. 2.

Corinna Salomon