Via Soragana

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Field name
Site: Somma Lombardo [from first object]
Coordinates: 45° 40' 49.61" N, 8° 43' 23.47" E [from first object]
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Nine La Tène graves found in February 1984 during the construction work for a department store between Via Albania/Via Soragana/SS33 del Sempione. The incineration graves lay at 1.6 m below street level and were constructed of stone slabs (one of ceramic tiles). The little necropolis, datable to La Tène D, is one of a number of La Tène grave finds along the ancient road which connected Milano and Angera, remains of which were found in Via Albania immediately north of the necropolis (Simone 1985b; cf. Sant'Ambrogio). See Simone 1986 for details.

Corinna Salomon