Vs 1.87

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Reading in transliteration: ]vercenas
Reading in original script: unknown

Object: Vs 1.87 Orvieto (slab)
Position: unknown
Direction of writing: sinistroverse
Script: North Italic Script"North Italic Script" is not in the list (Greek script, Etruscan script, Latin script, North Italic script, Camunic script, none, unknown) of allowed values for the "script" property.
Number of letters: 8
Workmanship: unknown
Condition: unknown

Archaeological culture: unknown [from object]
Date of inscription: 6th/5th century BC [from object]

Type: funerary
Language: Etruscan
Syntactic analysis: -
Meaning: -

Alternative sigla: none

Sources: Rix 1991: II 89



CIE Carl Pauli, Olof August Danielsson et al. (eds.), Corpus Inscriptionum Etruscarum. (3 volumes, various parts)