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Attestation: CO·69 (unknown), TI·15 (k riop) (2)
Status: probable
Language: prob. Celtic
Word Type: prob. proper noun
Semantic Field: prob. personal name
Grammatical Categories: indeterminable

Morphemic Analysis: rii̯-o-? or rīg-o-? (?)
Phonemic Analysis: /riop/ or /riob/ (?)
Meaning: abbreviation (?)


See the inscription pages on the reading.

The form is most likely an abbreviated personal name, conceivably a compound with first element rio-. The latter is identified with rīgo- by Rhŷs 1913: 30 (no. 10), who compares Ir. rígbard/rígbardan, but see the morpheme page on the possibility of an alternative etymology rii̯o- 'free' (without comparanda for the full compound with initial labial in the second element). Cf. rio.

Corinna Salomon