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Type: lexical
Meaning: 'path'
Language: Celtic
Phonemic analysis: /sentu/-
From PIE: *sentu- 'path'
From Proto-Celtic: *sentu- 'path'
Attestation: setupokios


Element of Continental Celtic place and personal names; Delamarre DLG: 271 and 2007: 232 et passim lists e.g. CIL V 4092 sentili (gen., Cremona), XIII 685 sentilla (Aquitania), XII 4904 sentino (dat., Narbonnensis), III 5191b sentonius (Noricum), as well as names in sint-. See also AcS: II 1502 f., KGP: 269, Meid 2005: 241 f. From the PIE root *sent- 'to go'; the u-stem in OIr. sét, W hynt, OBret. hint 'path'; other derivations are present in words for 'companion': OIr. sétig 'wife' (< *sentikī), MW hennydd 'companion, friend', Bret. hentez, Corn. hynsa 'neighbour' (< *sentii̯o-), s. LEIA: S-98, LIV²: 533 f., Matasović 2009: 330. Considering that the stem vowel u is not very evident in the personal names, the 'companion'-semantics may be primary in at least some of them (cf. Meid 2005: 241 f.).

Corinna Salomon


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