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Attestation: VA·4.2 (viχu) (1)
Status: uncertain
Language: Etruscan
Word Type: noun

Grammatical Categories:

Morphemic Analysis:
Phonemic Analysis:
Meaning: 'scribe'


Reading uncertain, see the inscription page.

Etruscan noun (also spelled zicu) derived with the agentive suffix -u from ziχ 'writing, document', and in turn forming the base for a derived verb ziχu- 'write'. Attested primarily onomastically, e.g. ET² Cl 1.318 vl. ziχu, Cl 1.320 Q. SCRIBONIUS [...] vl. zicu (Steinbauer 1999: 501).

Corinna Salomon


ET² Gerhard Meiser, Etruskische Texte. Editio minor, 2nd, revised edition, Hamburg: Baar 2014.