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Classification: bottle
Archaeological Type: fiasca a trottola

Material: pottery
Size: height 16 cm, max. diam. ca. 18 cm, mouth diam. 3.3 cm, foot diam 9.5 cm
Condition: complete
Autopsy by: Corinna Salomon
Date of autopsy: Aug 18 2021

Archaeological culture: La Tène C
Date: second half of 3rd–first half of 2nd c. BC
Date derived from: typology

Site: Giubiasco (fraction of: Bellinzona, Ticino, Switzerland)
Field name: Giubiasco necropolis
Archaeological context: "grave" 261
Coordinates (approx.): 46° 10' 22.80" N, 9° 0' 39.60" E [from site]
Find date: in or before 1901
Find circumstances: unknown
Finder: unknown
Current location: Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum (Mainz)
Inventory no.: O.16376

Inscription: TI·14 (plai/p)

Alternative sigla: Morandi 2004: 15

Sources: Morandi 2004: 527 f. no. 15



Images in Crivelli 1977: tav. 1 (drawing = Morandi 1999: 165, fig. 4), Morandi 1999: pl. XVII.1 (photo).

The fiasca a trottola, painted with five concentric brown lines, is one of the objects claimed by Domenico Pini to have been excavated by him in June/July 1901 at the Giubiasco necropolis, but may have been bought, or found at nearby Pianezzo (Tori et al. 2004: 27 f., 64 f., 69). The forged grave complex is described in Tori et al. 2004: 249 f. See also Ulrich 1914 I: 617.

The dating follows the typology in Pernet et al. 2006: 223–225 and Tori et al. 2010: 214 f. for Giubiasco, who date fiasce a trottola of type 1 to LT C, of type 2 to LT C2; the present object represents a transition form (height equalling width and high shoulder, but pronounced curvature of the body, prolonged neck, cylindrical flange, sloping lip, painted decoration). De Marinis & Motta 1991: 216 give LT C1 based on Stöckli 1975, cf. Morandi 1999: 164, no. 8 and Morandi 2004.

Corinna Salomon


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