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Attestation: GR·1 (]ualaunal/]raṇeni) (1)
Status: dubious
Language: unknown
Word Type: proper noun

Grammatical Categories: indeterminable

Morphemic Analysis: unknown
Phonemic Analysis: unknown
Meaning: unknown


Reading uncertain and possibly incomplete in the beginning, see the inscription page.

If Celtic, the form must be a genitive in (possibly patronymic). A base rau- (with suffix -en-? cf. raneni), however, finds no comparanda in Gaulish onomastics. Tibiletti Bruno 1978: 152 (also 1975b: 50 and 1981: 174) analyses raueni as an Etruscan feminine personal name in -i in the nominative, comparing Etruscan names in rav- (rave, ravia, etc.) as well as forms in Latin inscriptions and the toponym Ravenna.

Corinna Salomon