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Type: derivational
Function: unknown
Language: prob. Celtic
Phonemic analysis: -/en/- or -/ēn/-
Attestation: raneni, sekenei


Derivational suffix found sporadically in Gaulish personal names (e.g. calenus, epenos, toutenos, uandenos, uesuenus) and theonyms (e.g. belenos, borienus, buxenus, uarneno) (see Delamarre 2007), of unclear function and etymology – the amphikinetic n-suffix was generalised to -on- in Gaulish (Stüber 1998: 91), and hysterokinetic en-stems are rare (ibid. 196–175). In some cases possibly a variant of -īno/ā- (cf. Meid 2005: 306 f. vibenus). Holder AcS I: 1440 distinguishes between -eno- in personal names and -ēno- in ethnonyms.

Corinna Salomon


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