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Reading in transliteration: pit
Reading in original script: T sI sP s
Variant reading: lit
L2 dI dT d

Object: BG·7 Bergamo (vase)
Position: outside, wall
Direction of writing: sinistroverse
Script: North Italic script (Lepontic alphabet)
Number of letters: 3
Number of words: 1
Number of lines: 1
Workmanship: scratched after firing
Condition: complete

Archaeological culture: La Tène D 2 [from object]
Date of inscription: 1st century BC [from object]

Type: prob. mark of manufacturer
Language: perhaps Celtic
Meaning: abbreviation (?)

Alternative sigla: Solinas 1995: 34 c
Morandi 2004: 217

Sources: Morandi 2004: 661 no. 217



First published in Solinas 1995: 334, no. 34 c.

Images in Morandi 2004: 667, fig. 26.217 (drawing), Morandi 2007: 304, fig. 305 (photo).

Undamaged and clearly legible, inscribed horizontally on the narrow part of the wall. An upside-down and dextroverse reading L dI sT s lit can be excluded because of the ductus (esp. of the first letter) and the comparison with BG·30 and BG·28.1; upside-down application of inscriptions is common in the Bergamo area, but only on bowls and cups (BG·30!). Probably an abbreviation of a personal name, see the word pages. An interpretation as a workman's mark is likely considering the reoccurrence of the sequence in the area of Bergamo, though the present one is, unlike the others, sinistroverse.

Solinas also describes a second inscription on the object (on the foot according to Morandi): dextroverse Roman mu, followed by a punct, Lepontic rho or Roman D, and iota (M6 dseparator dR dI d vel sim.), booked by Morandi as a "sigla di età romana". Morandi 2007: 304, no. 38 further mentions a St. Andrew's cross on the external rim.

Corinna Salomon