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Inscription description

Proper name:
Proper name or popular name of the inscription, e.g. "Inscription of Prestino"
Reading in transliteration: *
Entirely in lower case letters (except special display forms)! Use the correct special characters like θ ś φ χ ψ. Use space (" ") or separators (":") to separate words, and "!" to separate linked and displayed form.
Example: uinom : natom!Naśom will display "uinom : Naśom".
Reading in original letters: *
Use Template:c for each character, e.g. {{c|A}} (for A s) or {{c|A|A2|d}} (for A2 d).
Variant reading:
Use Template:w and/or Template:c, e.g. {{c|U}}{{c|Ś|Ś2}}{{c|E}}{{c|P}} {{w|peśu}}
Direction of writing: *
Minimal letter height: * Example: 11.5 cm
Maximal letter height: Example: 11.5 cm
To be filled only when the letter height varies in the inscription.
Minimum number of letters: * (0 for unknown)
Maximum number of letters:
To be filled only when the exact number of letters on the inscription is uncertain.
Number of words: * (0 for unknown)
Number of lines: * (0 for unknown)
Script: *
Script certainty:
Script adaptation:
Alphabet certainty:
Object: *
Position: *
Orientation: °
in degrees, e.g. 0 (for horizontal normal), 180 (for horizontal head-down), 90 (for vertical, head to the left). Leave blank if undefinable, meaningless, or unknown.
Left frame:
Middle frame:
Right frame:
Workmanship: *
Condition: *
Type: *
Language: *
Language certainty: Leave blank if certain.
Syntactic analysis:
Meaning (translation): *

Inscription date

Note: Leave blank if not different from the object's date!

Archaeological culture:
Inscription date in sortform:
decimal number in years, negative for years BC; e.g. -300 (for 300 BC), 1888 (for 1888), 1997.0131 (for 31 Jan 1997), or 0 (if unknown)
Inscription date in display format:
e.g. 3<sup>rd</sup> century BC, or unknown (if unknown)
Date derived from:

Alternative inscription sigla

Whatmough 1933 (PID):
Tibiletti Bruno 1981:
Solinas 1994:
Motta 2000:
Morandi 2004:


Detailed source: *
Use "," to separate the entries, use ":" to separate the reference from pages, use "&" to separate different pages.
Example: Morandi 2004: 531 & 533, Solinas 1994: 330-335, Stöckli 1975: pl. 38 or unpublished


Checklevel: * 5-fast-alles/4-vieles/3-einiges/2-wenig/1-fast-nichts/0-nichts zu korrigieren, 10-dringend
in keywords or as short phrases, separated by ","
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