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This support template serves to create entries in lists of indexes. It generates a list of pages in which the title word is defined as a value of the Property:index. In order for this to be done, this template has to be defined as the output template in semantic queries, using the parameter template=index, and the query results have to be set to plain text format by the parameter link=none. Since only existing pages can be found by an automatic index, there has to be a page for every indexed item where index related attributes like categories or the Property:language are defined.


Create an entry with [[index::ualaunal]]:

  • Sample text including ualaunal as indexed item.

Create a page for the indexed item including relevant attributes, e.g. [[Category:Word]] (if you intend to create an index for words):

Call the entries with {{index|ualaunal}} (for all pages where ualaunal has been indexed):

Or call a list of entries using an inline query like {{#ask:[[Category:Word]]|link=none|format=ul|template=index}} for all indexed pages of the Category:Word (example results limited to 6):