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Reading in transliteration: ui
Reading in original script: U sI s
Variant reading: 4

Object: VA·26 Arsago Seprio (bowl)
Position: bottom, outside
Orientation: 100°
Direction of writing: ambiguous
Script: unknown
Letter height: 0.6 cm0.236 in <br />
Number of letters: 2
Number of words: 1
Number of lines: 1
Workmanship: scratched
Condition: complete

Archaeological culture: La Tène D 2 [from object]
Date of inscription: 75–25 BC [from object]

Type: unknown
Language: unknown
Meaning: unknown

Alternative sigla: Morandi 2004: 126

Sources: Morandi 2004: 606 f. no. 126



First published in Morandi 2004: 606 f., no. 126. Examined for LexLep on 30>sup>th April 2022.

Inscribed neatly, but at an unusual angle on the bottom of the patera about halfway between foot and rim. Morandi interprets ui as an abbreviation and compares VA·19 uini from the same necropolis (cf. also VA·15, VA·17). While this is certainly possible, a Roman numeral '4' or non-script mark cannot be excluded.

Corinna Salomon