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Attestation: BI·4 (esonius:urenti/akitu:esonius/ueriounos) (1)
Language: Celtic
Word Type: unclear

Grammatical Categories: unclear

Morphemic Analysis: aged or agi-t
Phonemic Analysis: /agidū/ or /agitū/
Meaning: 'Akitu' or 'arranged'


See the inscription page on the unclear text structure. The word akitu may be an on-stem individual name in the nominative with base agid- or acid-, see aged- and cf. the Gaulish names agidius, agidia, agidillus, acidi, acidus (Delamarre 2007: 210 et passim, Cresci Marrone & Solinas 2013: 47). Alternatively, the form could be analysed as a 3sg. t-preterite (cf. karnitu) from an otherwise unattested verbal base ag- or ak-, the best candidate being ag- < PIE *h₂eg̑- 'drive, lead' with similar semantical development as in Latin agō: 'conduct, arrange; put, do' uel sim. (cf. ambactos 'servant', DLG: 40 f.), though the Insular Celtic verbs OIr. ag- etc. continue an e/o-present meaning 'drive, conduct; walk' (KP: 189–193, LEIA A-22).

David Stifter, Corinna Salomon


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