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Attestation: TI·7 (amu?) (1)
Status: probable
Language: unknown
Word Type: undeterminable

Grammatical Categories: indeterminable

Morphemic Analysis: unknown
Phonemic Analysis: unknown
Meaning: unknown


See the inscription page on the reading.

In absence of a clear ending, the sequence must be considered opaque. Under the assumpation that it represents a personal name, Lejeune 1971: 63, n. 199 compares names in am(m)- in AcS I: 128 ff. (cf. Delamarre 2007: 20, 210).

Corinna Salomon


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Delamarre 2007 Xavier Delamarre, Noms de personnes celtiques dans l'épigraphie classique. Nomina Celtica Antiqua Selecta Inscriptionum, Paris: Errance 2007.