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Type: lexical
Meaning: 'break'
Language: Celtic
Phonemic analysis: /bog/-
From PIE: *bʰog- 'to break sth.'
From Proto-Celtic: *bog- 'to break sth.'
Attestation: anokopokios, setupk, setupokios


bogi̯o- 'breaker' is a common element of Continental Celtic personal names, e.g. RIG M-288 toutobocio (coin legend), CIL III 15205i uercombogi (gen., Noricum), III 4945 conbogi (gen., Noricum), XIII 5665 abrextubogi (gen., Germ. sup.), XIII 7031 adbogius (Germ. sup.), XIII 3487 setuobogius (Belgica), andecombogius (Caesar), and in Galatian names; possibly also in Ogam CIIC 89 bogai. See AcS: I 462, III: 896, KGP: 128, 152 f., GPN: 152 f., DLG: 81 f., Delamarre 2007: 213 et passim, Meid 2005: 133 f., 170, 178, Villar & Prósper 2005: 251–253. From the PIE root *bʰeg- 'to break sth.' (also in OIr. becht 'precise', ráthbuige 'builder of ramparts' and MW di-fo 'destructive', but not OIr. boingid 'breaks', see NIL: 6 with n. 3 and 6, Irslinger 2002: 248 f., LIV²: 66 f., Matasović 2011: 4 s.v. bego-).

Corinna Salomon


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