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Attestation: VA·21 (ilauki) (1)
Language: prob. Celtic
Word Type: proper noun
Semantic Field: personal name

Grammatical Categories: gen. sg. masc.
Stem Class: o, i̯o

Morphemic Analysis: il-auk-ī
Phonemic Analysis: unknown
Meaning: 'of Ilauk(i)os'


Masculine personal name, o- or i̯o-stem, in the genitive. Morandi 2004: 605 (no. 121) compares alaukos/alauki as well as Celtib. elaukos (Botorrita II 2.17), though it is not clear how the different anlauts could relate to each other. What appears to be a suffix -auk-, presumably a variant of the velar suffix (see -āk-, -ik-, Russell 1990: 13) occurs in Gaulish personal names like acauco, albeauca, auaucia, caiaucus, caltaucus, donnaucus, gaiaucus, senaucos, uatiaucus (Delamarre 2007 passim). Celtib. elaukos is analysed as el-au̯o-k-os with syncopated o by Untermann (Beltrán 1996: 117, 136, comparing elauus in Latin inscriptions from Spain); the suffix syntagma -au̯o-k- makes a plausible potential source for -auk. The base could be the well-attested, though etymologically unclear Celtic onomastic element il(l)- (DLG: 189), though the latter appears more commonly as an i-stem il(l)io-/-a (and both other potential attestations in Cisalpine Celtic ila(, ilus are doubtful).

Corinna Salomon


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