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Attestation: TI·10 (ueṇu) (1)
Status: probable
Language: Celtic
Word Type: proper noun
Semantic Field: personal name

Grammatical Categories: nom. sg. animate
Stem Class: on

Morphemic Analysis: u̯en-ū
Phonemic Analysis: /enū/ or /ennū/
Meaning: 'Uenu'


See the inscription page on the reading.

The word is most probably a hypocoristic personal name derived from a compound name with first element u̯eni- (Lejeune 1971: 62, n. 190), cf. especially RISt 143 (Flavia Solva) venno. See also Tibiletti Bruno 1978: 144, Tibiletti Bruno 1981: 158, no. 3, Stüber 1998: 108, Motta 2000: 213, Morandi 2004: 526 (no. 11).

Corinna Salomon