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Attestation: PD·1 (zuφniφanuaφi) (1)
Language: Celtic
Word Type: proper noun
Semantic Field: personal name

Grammatical Categories: gen. sg. masc.
Stem Class: o

Morphemic Analysis: dubn
Phonemic Analysis: /dubnī/
Meaning: 'of Dubnos'


The most widely accepted interpretation of the word is the one given by Marstrander 1925: 45 f., who reads a Celtic name in the genitive dubnī 'of Dubnos' (cf. Gaul. dubno-/dumno-, esp. dubna in Flavia Solva [Weber 1969: no. 138 and 200]), with Venetic spelling zeta for /d/ and phi for /b/. Whether the name in this particular attestation is Cisalpine Celtic or belongs to an Ambi-Danubian Celtic (Noric? Tauriscan?) filum cannot be decided.

See also Olsen 1903: 26 ff., Prosdocimi & Scardigli 1976: 225, Prosdocimi 1986: 32 ff., Prosdocimi 1991: 429 f., Birkhan 1970: 459 f., Birkhan 1971: 30, Nedoma 1995: 19 f., Markey 2001: 115 f.

Corinna Salomon


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