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Site: Arsago Seprio [from first object]
Coordinates: 45° 41' 0.48" N, 8° 44' 3.18" E [from first object]
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Gallo-Roman necropolis of ca. 40 known graves found and excavated between 1953 and 1995 around the intersection of Via Roma, Via Sant'Ambrogio and Via Milano south of the historic settlement of Arsago Seprio along the ancient road which connected Milano and Angera, remains of which were found in Via Roma (Rapi 2009c: 537, Selmi 2009: 573; cf. Via Soragana). The incineration graves date to La Tène D/Augustan period, between the end of the 2nd c. BC and beginning of the 1st c. AD. The discovery of a grave from the first half of the 3rd c. BC some 100 m northwest of the LT D cluster (rinvenimento 1.7 in Mariotti & Guglielmetti 2009: 559) indicates that the latter forms part of a larger necropolis with a longer chonology De Marinis 2009f: 524). See Rapi 2009c and Selmi 2009 for overviews and Mariotti & Guglielmetti 2009: 558–560 for details about the excavations (and generally on the archaeological finds from Arsago Seprio).

Corinna Salomon


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