VR·25 Verona

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Classification: vase

Material: pottery
Size: height 5.5 cm, max. diam. 9.1 cm
Condition: complete

Archaeological culture: La Tène D
Date: 150–50 BC
Date derived from: archaeological context

Site: Verona (Verona, Veneto, Italy)
Field name: Seminario Vescovile Maggiore
Archaeological context: grave US 2758
Coordinates (approx.): 45° 26' 33.99" N, 11° 0' 20.42" E
Find date: between 2005 and 2009
Current location: Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici per il Veneto (Verona)
Inventory no.: VR 91592

Inscription: VR·25 (a(?))

Alternative sigla: none

Sources: Marchesini & Stifter 2018: 152 f. (no. 2)


Images in Solinas 2016: Tav. LV, c (photo), Marchesini & Stifter 2018: 153, fig. 4.5.2 (photo).

Umbelicated pyxis found in the earth-cut pit-grave US 2758 (inhumated female foetus, 38 weeks; oriented northeast/southwest, with head pointing northeast; incomplete skeleton; with only two pieces of burial equipment and the skeleton of a small dog) (Marchesini & Stifter 2018: 152 f.; Solinas 2016: 375). For the dating see Solinas 2016: 375.

Corinna Salomon