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Attestation: TI·32 (]ịṣọṇị:p̣la[) (1)
Status: uncertain
Language: perhaps Celtic
Word Type: prob. proper noun
Semantic Field: prob. patronymic

Grammatical Categories: dat. sg.

Morphemic Analysis:
Phonemic Analysis: /bla/° or /plā
Meaning: 'for the son of Pla°' (?)


See the inscription page on the reading.

The fragmentary form can be tentatively identified as a patronym based on its position in the text; see the inscription page for details. Cf. on other pala-stelae piuotialui, p?( and p(, as well as plai, Gaul. blaia, blaionia (Delamarre 2007: 43), and names in blando- 'gentle' (RIIG VAU-06-01 [RIG G-146] βλανδοουικουνιαι, SEL-01-03 [G-237] βλαν, cf. Tibiletti Bruno 1997: 1015, Motta 2000: 203).

Corinna Salomon


Delamarre 2007 Xavier Delamarre, Noms de personnes celtiques dans l'épigraphie classique. Nomina Celtica Antiqua Selecta Inscriptionum, Paris: Errance 2007.