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Attestation: VR·28 (prituli) (1)
Status: uncertain
Language: Cisalpine Gaulish
Word Type: proper noun

Grammatical Categories: gen. sg. masc.
Stem Class: o

Morphemic Analysis: prit-ul(l)-ī
Phonemic Analysis: /pritulī/ or /pritullī/
Meaning: 'of Pritulos'


Reading of the last letters uncertain, see VR·28.

Masculine PN in the genitive. The comparison with brittula (Aquitania) by Solinas 2016: 377 is attractive, but see prit- on the preferability of prit- < *kritu- 'form'. Delamarre DLG: 89 points out that b in Gallo-Latin names in brit(t)- may be influenced by the Latinised forms (brittones, britanni etc.) of a Celtic ethnonym from the same base *krit-, in which case the excellent parallel brittula could reflect an original Celtic pritula. In any case, an influence of these Latin forms can be discounted for Cisalpine Celtic prituli (Marchesini & Stifter 2018: 148), for which we can assume underlying p. The suffix is diminutive -ul(l)-.

Corinna Salomon


DLG Xavier Delamarre, Dictionnaire de la langue gauloise. Une approche linguistique du vieux-celtique continental, 2nd, revised edition, Paris: Errance 2003.