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Type: lexical
Meaning: 'bright, white, fair'
Language: Celtic
Phonemic analysis: /ind/-
From PIE: *u̯i-n-d-o- 'sightly'
From Proto-Celtic: *u̯indo- 'bright, white, fair'
Attestation: alkouinos, iatuini, uindonus, uini


Common Continental Celtic onomastic element in both simplex (e.g. uind(i)us, uinda, RIG M-305 ουινδια, RIIG VAU-05-02 (RIG G-118) ουι|νδ⁽ια⁾κος, uindulus, uindilla, uindona) and compound personal names (e.g. alkouinos, contuuinda, pennouindos, uindobius, uindiorix, cf. also vinutali-na from *u̯indotali̯os in the Raetic inscription CE-1.5), as well as in toponyms (e.g. uindoialum, uindobriga, uindobona, uindonissa, uindolanda) and hydronyms (see KGP: 295 f., Untermann 1961: 1–3, GPN: 386 f., Lochner von Hüttenbach 1989: 183, DLG: 320 f., Meid 2005: 151 f., 210 f., Stüber 2005: 69, 72 f., 80, Delamarre 2007: 200, Falileyev 2009: 155, Falileyev 2010: 34). Equally prevalent in Insular Celtic onomastics, e.g. Ogam vendogni (gen.), OIr. findbarr etc. (Uhlich 1993: 250–253), W gwyn.

Lexically in OIr. find 'white', MW gwynn, gwen (< *u̯indā), OBret. guinn 'white, shiny', MBret. guinn 'happy', OCo. guyn gl. albus (Matasović 2009: 423). The word is usually derived from the n-infix present of the PIE root *u̯ei̯d- 'see, know' (OIr. rofinnadar, see LIV²: 666 with n. 7; see also u̯id-, u̯iđ-), cf. CCCG: 4, De Bernardo Stempel 1999: 46 with n. 77, NIL: 719; differently Prósper 2002: 158 f., n. 82, who derives it from *u̯id-no- with metathesis. Hamp 1980: 214 alternatively suggests a derivation from the (uncertain) PIE root *(s)u̯ei̯d- 'shine'.

Michela Vignoli, Corinna Salomon


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