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Attestation: MI·16 (uin ?(?)nu), NO·12 (uin) (2)
Language: perhaps Celtic
Word Type: undeterminable

Grammatical Categories: indeterminable

Morphemic Analysis: unknown
Phonemic Analysis: unknown
Meaning: unknown


The sequence uin occurs twice, both times written in the Latin alphabet, once on an olpe, once on a cup. Despite this, it is unlikely to be an abbreviation of the Latin uinum 'wine' pace Sutermeister 1952: 7, as such an abbreviation is to my knowledge unparalleled. (Cf. VB·3.1 uinom for an attestation of the Latin word as a loan in Celtic.) uin could be an abbreviation of a personal name – whether Latin or Celtic is impossible to decide under the circumstances. Cf. uini, uinoc (both also alphabetically Latin or Latinoid). In a Celtic name, the base could be u̯en- with raised /e/; u̯ind- should be expected to be written ⟨uind⟩ in the Latin alphabet.

Corinna Salomon