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Maria Grazia Tibiletti Bruno, "I Galli nella Cisalpina", in: Giancarlo Susini (ed.), L'Italia settentrionale nell'età antica. Convegno in memoria di Plinio Fraccaro, Pavia: Tipografia del Libro 1976, 99–109.

Author/Editor: Maria Grazia Tibiletti Bruno
Type: linguistic study, historical study
Language: Italian
In: Susini 1976
Used for: 4 pages (show list)


A survey of the onomastic and toponymic materials of the Cisalpina. The onomastic material is taken from the inscriptions in the Lugano alphabet, under the presupposition that the compound names in them "are not Lepontic because in the Lepontic language, onomastics are based on the use of suffixes, and not on composition" and that "therefore, all names in which we discover composition should be ascribed to the Gaulish linguistic and cultural world" (p. 101); in particular, she examines the inscription of Prestino (CO·48), that of San Bernardino of Briona (NO·21.1 and NO·21.2), that of Vercelli (VC·1.1, VC·1.2) and that of Todi (PG·1.1, PG·1.2, PG·1.3, PG·1.4) separately.