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Attestation: BG·41.1 (ateriolaniakios) (1)
Language: Celtic
Word Type: proper noun

Grammatical Categories: nom. sg. masc.
Stem Class: o, on

Morphemic Analysis: ater-i̯-[os] or ater-i̯-ū
Phonemic Analysis: aterio or ateriō
Meaning: 'Aterio'


Masculine individual name in the nominative. The ending is ambiguous. It may be analysed as a simple i̯o-derivation ateri̯os with loss of final -s, cf. Noric aterius in Delamarre 2007, or as an on-stem derived from a i̯o-stem ateri̯ū, with an individualising suffix, with either -ū > -ō or a Latinised ending -o. Though option 1 has better comparanda, option 2 is more likely in light of accompanying laniakios with its auslauting -s intact.

The base is most straightforwardly analysed as ater- < *φater- 'father'. Alternatively, we could segment ate-rii̯o- < *ati-φrii̯o- (< IE *priHo-; W rhydd) 'again free'. However, *ati- is only known to be combined with verbs and participles, not primary adjectives. Cf. maybe ateratos.


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