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Attestation: VR·24 (eskikorikos) (1)
Language: Cisalpine Gaulish
Word Type: proper noun
Semantic Field: personal name

Grammatical Categories: gen. sg. masc.
Stem Class: cons. stem

Morphemic Analysis: eχs-king-o-rīg-os
Phonemic Analysis: /eskingorīgos/
Meaning: 'of Eskingoriχs'

RIIG: εσκιγγορειξ


The name eskingoriχs is attested in this form in Gaul (eskingorix, see Delamarre 2007: 100). The first two elements, the prefix eχs- 'out (of)' (dissimilated es- before the following guttural; cf. Raybould & Sims-Williams 2009: 154) and the verb king- 'step, stride' form a probably lexical verbal compound *esking- 'step out, attack' → 'foot-soldier, warrior' (in Gaulish personal names, e.g., escingus, excingius, excingomarus; see eskiko); the third element is rīg- 'ruler, king' to form 'king of warriors' (Stifter in Marchesini & Stifter 2018: 147), also in an epithet of of Mercury excingiorigiati (dat.). See KGP: 171 f., 212; GPN: 177, 202 f., DLG: 116, 169, Stüber 2005: 95 f., Meid 2005: 174, Delamarre 2007: 99 f.

Possibly also attested in abbreviation as es and eskiko.

David Stifter, Corinna Salomon


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