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Attestation: TI·2 (koma) (1)
Status: uncertain
Language: Celtic
Word Type: proper noun
Semantic Field: personal name

Grammatical Categories: nom. sg.
Stem Class: ā

Morphemic Analysis: kom-u̯iđ(-(i)i̯) (?)
Phonemic Analysis: /koiđā/ (?)
Meaning: 'Koiśa'


Reading uncertain, see the inscription page.

If correct, probably an ā-stem personal name. Rhŷs 1913: 28, no. 6, Lejeune 1971: 33, Motta 2000: 211, no. 20, and Morandi 1999: 161 (also 2004: 521, no. 3) compare names in cois-, viz. the Boiic coin legend coisa (Birkhan 1971: 25), coesus CIL V 5621 from Castelseprio, and koisis on the Todi bilingua. This is only viable if the sibilant in these names of uncertain etymology is geminate /ss/ < tau gallicum → /koi̯ssa/ (or /koi̯ssi̯a/ with palatalisation according to Lejeune 1971: 19, 64, n. 205; cf. Stifter 2010: 371 and Ś). This is not entirely likely considering the otherwise consistently unmarked spelling with simple sigma. A more sophisticated interpretation is proposed by Delamarre 2007: 70, who analyses the name as ko-u̯id-t-(i)i̯ with assimilated /m/, and // not spelled overtly → 'of great knowledge' or 'well-known' (but still compares coisa).

Corinna Salomon


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