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Wordtype word
aaiproper noun
aesproper noun
aesiaproper noun
azusproper noun
akeśiproper noun
)aki??iosproper noun
acisiusproper noun
akisiosproper noun
akiuiproper noun
akluśamoualosproper noun
alaukiproper noun
alaukosproper noun
aliosproper noun
alkouesiproper noun
alkouinosproper noun
)aluiproper noun
amaśiluproper noun
anarekartosproper noun
anareuiśeosproper noun
anatikouproper noun
anisaproper noun
)aniuiproper noun
anteśiluproper noun
anokopokiosproper noun
apiosproper noun
aśeśproper noun
aśkonetiproper noun
aśkonetioproper noun
aśminaproper noun
aśuesaproper noun
aśouniproper noun
areuiziesproper noun
argantocomaterecusproper noun
arimaiproper noun
ariśaiproper noun
ariuoneposproper noun
arkatokomaterekosproper noun
arkiproper noun
)arsuproper noun
artebuθzproper noun
artonisproper noun
arukiproper noun
ataiproper noun
atbitiproper noun
ateknatiproper noun
atecuaproper noun
atekuaproper noun
atepproper noun
atepaproper noun
atepuproper noun